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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Irrigation - Consider for 2012

With uneven predictions for the 2011 cotton and corn crops of South Carolina, area farmers are preparing for 2012. Part of this preparation is reviewing risk management steps. Two very important ones are crop insurance and irrigation systems. Hmmm, maybe that last one wasn’t so high on the list last year, but this year it deserves a long, hard look.

When considering the purchase of an irrigation system there are things in addition to cost that must be looked at. Where will the water come from - a well, an on-site pond? Will the irrigation system be hydraulic or electric? The fields that will be affected by this equipment are they leased or owned? And if they are leased is a long-term lease negotiable?

So many questions that can only be answered by the farmer. But the bottom line is an irrigation system can save your crops and has the ability to pay for itself within 5 years.

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