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Friday, August 12, 2011

What Keeps Farmers Up at Night…

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the weather keeps farmers up at night. It is unpredictable, no matter what the meteorologist says on the 11:00 news. Rain is good, especially during the crucial growing cycle; hail is not, ever.

What else? There’s always market risk. The volatility of pricing, maintaining a viable market for their product as well as food safety all fall under that. And don’t forget labor issues. Immigration is a hot topic among the politicians and farmers. The need for a “guest-worker program” is high on many lists. Investing in a crop and not being able to harvest could be a business-crushing event. And let’s not forget government regulations, definitely a REM-interrupter.

Suggested RX? Remember that ArborOne Farm Credit has 95 years experience in agricultural and agribusiness lending. That said, we are your partners and ahead of the curve as an ag lender. Facilitators not road blocks.

Now roll over and go back to sleep.

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